Victory Studios Originals creates programming for Television, Corporate Customers and the Web. Each program is unique and reflects the years of experience of Victory Studios team members to tell stories and create memorable high quality imagery. Most important is the storytelling, whether it’s to entertain, inform or persuade. Each story is designed with care to keep the viewer’s attention and always entertain, even when informing or persuading are the primary purposes. Whether it’s for the local sports teams like the Seahawks or the Sounders, Microsoft, Starbucks or Boeing, Victory Studios can produce what is needed to create the desired results. Whether it’s a case study, a documentary, a commercial, a corporate image video, or a television program, we are ready to create a masterpiece with great storytelling and artistic flare.

Band in Seattle

Great Music. Great Stories.

Victory Studios is currently producing the television series Band in Seattle, a fascinating look at the stories behind the up and coming bands that proliferate Seattle’s club scene.

Saturday nights on the CW11 at 11.

Each episode of Band in Seattle gives an inside look at some of the hardest working musicians in Seattle. The process of creating music and performances in the Pacific Northwest has developed great music giants from Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. This extraordinary environment continues to nurture new “sounds” and kinds of music. Band in Seattle explores what is behind this extraordinary process. Instead of waiting for them to rise to fame, Band in Seattle will let you get to know these future “stars” now and get an inside track on the next music industry phenomenon. The series was picked up in 2014 by for international distribution on AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Playstation III and other web outlets, and now the program can be seen around the world. Visit our website for more info:

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