4/12/2018 - Victory Studios is anticipating the arrival of a new film transfer device in the coming weeks.  We will continue to offer 8mm film transfer and will add the capability of transferring 16mm film.  All of this at a higher resolution than we could previously deliver.  Our tape operation room is staying very busy transferring video tape to file.  Currently, we are transferring a large quantity of 1" reels for Olympic Game Farm.  These reels are film transfers from the early 80s which depict a variety of the wonderful animals they have there. Additionally, a multitude of archival tapes, as well as more contemporary tape formats have been processed through our facility.  If you are storing 1", 3/4", Hi-8 and Betacam tapes, etc. we'd encourage you to transfer them to video file as soon as possible if you'd like to archive them.  We could tell you stories of gunked up tapes, stuck (frozen/glued), as well as tapes that simply are falling apart that will support the fact that those tape formats are reaching the end of their viable lifespan for playback.  

Victory Studios Services has a legacy of being one of the foremost post production facilities in the United States. As a pioneer of High Definition technology, the company features Video Editing in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut, Audio Editing and Mixing in sophisticated audio suites with ProTools, Voice-Over (VO) recording, Computer Graphics Production in 2D and 3D with full animation capabilities, DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, Closed Captioning Production, Subtitling, Foreign languages included, along with a wide range of duplication, replication, encoding, transcoding and compression services. This includes video and audio capturing to files, compression to formats and codecs like H.264, legacy video tape and audio tape duplication and transfers in almost all video formats, 8mm film transfers to tape or files, packaging and duplication of DVD, Blu-Ray and CD projects, and preparation of programs for television distribution and web based distribution like YouTube and Vimeo.



EditingWe provide all levels of Editorial services with several postproduction rooms with your editor or ours. Victory provides services from simple assembly all the way to high end HD color correction and DI (Digital Intermediate) creation.


AudioOur two audio suites have hosted feature films and video games to national advertising campaigns. Dolby® certified, the suites contain the latest Pro-Tools® and other audio software. From Foley and Voice-Overs to Final Mix, it’s all here.


GraphicsWe use the latest equipment and software to create powerful, memorable, images and messages. Victory has provided graphics for national sports teams, television and feature films. From a simple card to complex 3D animation, Victory can do it all.


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