CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

Our Duplication and Replication department excels in on time, high quality, and right price deliverables. 

  • Analog and firewire digital DVD transfer.
  • PAL and NTSC standards.
  • High Speed disc to disc duplication.


Duplication vs. Replication

Duplication is the process of copying a CD or DVD. Content is burned from your original master to a recordable CD or DVD. It is a faster method of production than replication, and is generally used for orders under 500 CDs, or DVDs.

Replication is a manufacturing process that creates CDs or DVDs through injection molding. A "glass master" is first created from your original master. This process is very cost effective on quantities of 500 or more and your turn time is usually 10 to 14 business days,



* Please send Art in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Illustrator CS3 or earlier format
* Illustrator text must be converted to outlines
* For Pantone Colors then please supply detailed color information
* For Duplication please send RGB Art, when converting from CMYK make sure the blacks are 0,0,0
* For Replication please send CMYK Art


FTP Files

Please Contact us for a FTP link to upload your files


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