Victory does the Big Apple

Graphics, Special Venue


Victory Studios recently produced a series of 2D and 3D animations for the annual Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas window displays at their flagship store in New York City, directly across the street from Rockefeller Center. The project was funded by Microsoft to promote the launch of Windows 7.

The work is based on Saks’ annual children’s Christmas book; this year’s edition entitled Twinkle, Twinkle Little Flake. The story follows Twinkle the snowflake’s journey from the sky all the way down to the windows of Saks’ flagship store.

Nine animated components playback on 52” monitors within eight of the 33 available store windows. Another display, run by nine laptop computers, features animated snow falling on the skyline, synchronized across the entire 24 foot display.

Victory’s Richard Bartlett produced the project, working closely with in-house designer Casey Frey and 3D artist Dawn McLellan. The team created the work from existing assets and original artwork, bringing the book’s characters to life by giving each their own individual “swagger”. The book is also animated, its flipping pages synchronized to voice-over narration.

Frey used Victory’s Virtual Production Manager (VPM) — an online system allowing clients to review work and seamlessly pass it along to others – to facilitate project approvals coming from both New York City and Redmond.

Brandon Bates, Victory’s IT manager, worked with the client to ensure proper file management and quality play back.

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