Band In Seattle

Uncover the music that moves you.

Victory Studios is currently producing the television series Band in Seattle, a fascinating look at the stories behind the up and coming bands that proliferate Seattle’s club scene. Band in Seattle is a national program that has featured everything from up-and-coming bands from the Pacific Northwest to international pioneers of the craft, such as reggae legend Clinton Fearon. Not only do you get to see a live concert, but you get to know them better through interview segments with the bands.

Friday Nights on the Kong at Midnight - 1am.

Sunday Nights on the King at 11:35pm.

Find out more on BandinSeattle.com

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Victory Lap

Comedy Sketch Series, 2017

We teamed up with a group of Seattle-based comedians to produce a series of comedy sketches. The actors wrote all of the material while our team fine-tuned the stage settings, cinematography and production flow. From there we edited each skit, added graphics and color graded.

"Do you wanna be my friend?" "Home Sick" "Ugly Baby" and more

Check out the series on YouTube

Music For Young People

Educational Short-Series on Classical Music

Victory worked with classically trained musician Stephen Beus on a series of short  educational videos all focused around classical piano. It's just the start of an ongoing series with different local artists to teach young people about classical music, a perfect accompaniment for music class for budding artists. 

Daredevils and Disasters

From the beginning of time, people have performed death-defying stunts. Along the way, they learned what worked, and what didn't. Those who succeeded built on their experiences to accomplish amazing feats that earned them the name Daredevil. 

Former racecar driver Mr. Dizzy and his crew team up and seek out new blood. Through a complex process and series of stunts, Dizzy and his crew will determine if they are daredevils...or disasters.

Forbidden Power

Forbidden Power Movie 2017

After a one night affair with a mysterious woman Veronica, a young man, George is left with super strength, heightened senses, and a new endless amount of knowledge, as well as a cryptic message from Veronica. He searches for her to find out the source of her power but along the quest he finds much more than he bargained for.

Directed by longtime cult film director Paul Kyriazi, and starring newcomers Lincoln Bevers, Nasanin, and Hannah Janssen, as well as veteran martial artist, actor and stuntman Harry Mok.


Where dreams become reality

It's that old addage - boy meets girl, boy wants to change everything about girl, and when girl goes through with it, she decides that she's too good for boy. It's a familiar cliche with a twist ending. 

Filmed entirely with Victory Studios employees and in the lobby of our building.