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About Victory Studios

We are a leading video media house, specializing in digital video production, production support, and technical production services. Our firm comes under an umbrella of companies including Victory Production, Victory Originals, Victory Live, Victory Rentals, and Victory Production Services.

We have a large facility in Seattle, Washington, and another smaller operation in Los Angeles, California. Our original name was American Production Services (APS), which Conrad and Laura Denke founded in 1978.

Before that, Conrad graduated from the University of Washington and Laura from BYU, both in the arts. After completing school, Conrad spent four years making films in Asia for the United States Air Force.

Upon his return to Seattle in 1973, he became the Director of Production for Cinema Associates, a Seattle film company. At the same time, Laura was studying with Martha Graham in New York and choreographing and performing in Summer Stock musicals.

Conrad and Laura both returned to Seattle in 1974, met, and were married in 1975. Conrad and Laura started their own business in part of their home in Seattle’s Ballard district three years later.

One of our first clients was the Robbins Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of tunneling machines. It took nearly two years to complete the first film for them entitled Tunnels Under Chicago. The film won several national and international awards.

At about the same time, The Weyerhaeuser Company contracted us to produce several films. In the early 80′s, several video production requests indicated that a shift in the market from film to the video was imminent.

In cooperation with a client, we acquired some video equipment and began producing on tape. After creating many video programs and finishing them at local video post production houses, it became apparent that the video editing facilities in the Northwest were inadequate.

The broadcast houses were too expensive, and the industrial houses too unprofessional, so Conrad and Laura began to pursue investment money to put together their video editing facility. It took nearly a year, but the loans finally got approved.

From there on, we witnessed steady growth and started to add more employees to fill a need in the marketplace. We also expanded our video duplicating capacity and established a rental facility for production equipment.

In addition to the company’s development, Conrad and Laura became involved in the community and other ventures. Conrad became President of the International Television Association in Seattle and started the Emerald City Awards.

He later joined the Washington Film and Video Association board and was elected Chapter President of The Association of Independent Commercial Producers.

Meanwhile, Laura enhanced her ballet business and moved her school to a large studio in North Seattle. Her ballet company – Seattle Children’s Ballet – became successful, and she toured Europe, and developed exchanges with the USSR and Australia.

However, one of Conrad and Laura’s overall goals was to produce uplifting family entertainment for TV and Cinema. When the production business became financially viable, Laura decided to sell the ballet company and concentrate on production.

At the same time, we built a three thousand five hundred square foot soundstage named Studio One in the Fremont district. It was from here that Conrad and Laura produced their first program, a children’s special called Adventures on Sinclair Island. Laura wrote and directed the program, and it got sold to stations in the United States and several foreign countries.

In 1987, a distribution arm formed with an endeavor to diversify within the television entertainment business. It acquired several additional TV programs for distribution from other producers.

Two shows got placed on the Nostalgia Channel nationwide. Other programs got sold to The Disney Channel, The BBC in England, Canada’s Family Channel, NHK in Japan, and networks in several other countries.

In 1988, we produced thirty-nine episodes of a talk show for teenagers called Teens Talk, starring Laura as host. Its purpose was to help teenagers understand and better cope with the numerous essential issues affecting them.

The program appeared locally on Channels 13, 22, and 9, and weekly on the ACTS National Cable Network, over satellite in the US and Canada, and several other stations throughout the country.

1989 was a year for significant changes. After more than eleven years in Ballard’s two houses, we purchased the former Armed Forces Induction Center building on Seattle’s 15th Avenue West.

In July of that year, the entire operation got moved. Simultaneously, Studio One’s lease ran out, so we decided to build two studios in the new property. We eliminated all names except for one, and the facility became known as American Production Services.

In the 90′s, American Production Services matured to become a major force in film and video in the Northwest. The company included a studio, rental facilities, camera crews, editing bays, computer graphics, audio sweetening, audio CD/tape and video duplicating, DVD authoring, and music and stock footage libraries.

In 1991, we started producing a trade magazine called ONLINE, which was distributed regionally to the film and video business. In 1993 Conrad produced a “made for TV” movie entitled William, which got sold for broadcast in Europe.

In 1994, APS opened an office in Redmond to service Eastside clients. The same year, Conrad began producing documentaries for PBS. The series was called National Desk, where sixteen one-hour-long programs were created for national PBS distribution over five years. The series won many national awards.

In 1998, we sold the Redmond location and purchased a property in North Hollywood, where American Production Services LA got established.

A year before, Conrad had invested in an HD editing facility in Seattle – one of the first in the US. HD got added to the LA facility in 1999, and American Production Services became well known nationally as a pioneer in 24P High Definition Production and Post.

The new millennium was a turning point for the company and we restructured our assets. First, The National Desk was discontinued in 2000, and Conrad formed a new non-profit corporation called E Pluribus Unum Films for producing public affairs national programming.

Then, the publication ONLINE was replaced with HIGHDEF Magazine, a national publication featuring projects done in HD with Laura serving as its Editor. Finally, we purchased the telecine facility from Pinnacle Productions in Seattle and replaced its smaller studio with two telecine rooms.

From this point on, we rebranded the company as Victory Studios and continued to offer a wide range of digital production services.

We now provide creative design, writing, directing, crewing, talent to a wide range of clients, including consumer, broadcast, filmmakers, sports teams, wholesalers, ad agencies, and corporations.

We also render services to organizations needing a wide range of audio/visual products (e.g., commercials, movies, corporate communication videos, training videos, sports teams, documentaries). We distribute these productions in various mediums, including theater, broadcast TV and radio, podcast, webinars, YouTube, PPV, stadium display boards, and discs.

We are also committed to evolving with the ever-changing market in all distribution methods, styles of communication, creative design, and technology. Our success now lies in its attention to its unifying principles and emphasis on giving clients memorable experiences.

We do most of our work in the Northwest but often find other projects around the country depending on the client’s needs. We are also moving more into the direction of producing original productions. For example, we are now in season seven of a weekly television program entitled: “Band in Seattle.”

Programs like this and others are the future as we continue to support other production companies with rentals and digital production services. The business has become steady all year-round, although the COVID 19 crisis has had a negative impact. However, the loyalty of clients and employees is allowing us to come out on top.

The Victory Studios Difference

We appeal to every client level, from a person who wants to digitize their precious home movies to creating imagery for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and many others. ‘If it can get done, we probably know-how’ is the philosophy we follow.

Consequently, one aspect that makes us second to none is that we are proud of our ability to produce original programming that celebrates the talent of the artists we feature. Our goal is to fill the need presented to us and do it in the best way possible.

What also sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is that we have years of experience in the technical arena and can help in areas where others are confused. Our vast expertise working with video, digital video, high definition, and digital files gives us the edge.

As we have all the services necessary for video production under one roof, we can save the client money and time by creating what they need. We also excel in creativity and technical expertise, and most importantly, we deliver more than what we promise, which has made us successful.

One of our most noteworthy achievements has been winning hundreds of awards from the National Television Academy and other national and international organizations. Our involvement with the Television Academy, The Producers Guild, and other organizations is vital to us.

From an Emmy for a documentary on Don Rickles to the best documentary award from The Cowboy Hall of Fame, to a Best Picture Award from a Hollywood film festival, our work has been recognized continually over the years for its excellence in production.

Our dream for the future is to continually produce high-quality programming for the modern world by hiring top talent. We are proud that our employees get recognized for their professional abilities as writers, cinematographers, editors, technicians, and producers.

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment, so we have built a center for recycling food waste from production companies in our area. Our LA facility also has a large solar panel farm on the roof to save energy.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we support many charities and local causes, but we keep our involvement private.

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