Common Mistakes People Make When Seeking Video Production, Media Services, or Video Equipment Rentals

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Video, visual marketing, and various other content involving videography is everywhere. From television commercials and social media posts to YouTube videos and podcasts, all of them needed sophisticated video equipment, and video production skills. Some may have been produced in someone’s living room or garage, but chances are if the production was impressive, it was produced at a video production studio that had all the elements needed. This “one-stop” shop makes it easier and more efficient when you want to create high-quality, captivating video content that meets the industry’s highest standards.  

While we all probably have a camera-equipped smartphone and a laptop that can accomplish minor editing tasks, in today’s world of high-definition, 4K, and even 8K videos, DIY video solutions don’t cut it. Hiring a competent video production company will give you access to cutting-edge equipment, the latest technology, and specialized skills, enabling you to create truly stunning and enjoyable productions.

To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Victory Studios has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when seeking video production, media services, or video equipment.

1. Failure to set a budget
Production involving videography is an ever-changing field that necessitates producing expertise, skilled crews, sophisticated camera equipment, studio access, as well as post-production editing and graphics. All aspects now involve complex software. Prior planning and careful budgeting based on your expectations and your video’s goals will go a long way in avoiding confusion prior to the start of production, giving your producer a clear map of how to go about creating a fantastic video that exceeds your expectations. Moreover, taking into account each element you will need for your video and its cost, will give you an idea of what to expect from the final product and prevent disappointment. Creating a detailed budget keeps everyone on track and honest about what to expect.

2. Misplaced assumptions
When we see a finished professional video, it’s possible to make unfounded assumptions right off the bat. Sometimes we assume that a certain producer can only make a particular type of production. We are often unaware of who was the specific person or team that did critical elements in the production we’re viewing such as the graphics, editing, and lighting, etc. The importance of research early on cannot be understated. Always check the range of work the producer has released, and give time to know who will be doing the graphics, editing, lighting, as well as which equipment will be used in which venue or studio. Make sure the odds are in your favor so you can fill your needs and achieve your expectations.

3. Not checking the capabilities of the production house
Video production in its entirety is a complex, expensive, and equipment centric operation. When planning for a video project and choosing a production house, it is wise to find out and see the facilities, gear, and staff the company has to offer. Additionally, keep in mind that a full-service studio or well-equipped production house is generally better positioned to offer more competitive prices and quick service as they have all the necessary equipment and specialized personnel on-site.

4. Prioritizing cost over quality
A mistake we see, on a regrettably regular basis, is choosing video production and media services based solely on price. This error on the customer’s part allows unscrupulous companies to offer low rates and later cheat you on quality and give you a shoddy final product for which you had high expectations, or they can “bait and switch” starting out with a low number and adding costs as the project progresses, claiming that they didn’t include what you wanted in the initial quote. This misstep can be avoided by insisting on a statement of work, explaining exactly what the production company will be providing, and the associated pricing. Get a comparison to make sure that the numbers are adequate and fair.

5. Not taking additional costs into consideration
Apart from the obvious costs involved in video production, there are overlooked variables like food cost, electrical expenditure (if generators are needed), permits, and places for actors to wait for their scenes in the case of outdoor videography. There is also production insurance, insurance for rental equipment, storage fees for your master files, distribution costs for DVD’s or other file formats needed, and many more aspects that should be included in the budget for your project. Make sure you ask all the right questions to make sure everything you need in included. Someone with experience that you trust can help a lot in this area.Today we also see requirements and added expenditure for Covid-19 compliance on set. 

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