Arri Studio 2000

Arri Studio 2000



The Arri ST2 True Blue Series of tungsten lighting fixtures updates a well-known industry standard. Feedback from respected lighting professionals combined with great advances in technology enable Arri to present a selection of Fresnels with over 30 new improvements for studio lighting.

The tilt lock has been improved by using a stainless steel friction disc that locks tight. This eliminates the danger of the fixture suddenly tilting downward when heavy, front-mounted barndoors or softboxes are in use. In addition, a stirrup center adjustment allows the head to slide until its center of gravity is either at or near the tilt lock. This assures a better balance and easier adjustments.

When fitted with a 2000 watt bulb (available separately) this fixture will provide a 982 fc beam 3' (0.9 m) in diameter from 19.8' (6 m) at full spot. From the same distance it will throw a 106 fc beam 21.1' (6.4 m) in diameter at full flood.

Pole Operated

Tilt, pan and focus are adjusted by you from the safety of the studio floor with an optional pole

Stronger, Lighter

  1. Pressure die cast and extruded aluminum components have reduced the overall weight of T series fixtures without any sacrifice in quality or durability

  2. Many components now offer greater strength and resistance to corrosion

Stegmaier Connector

  1. Patent-pending connector and strain relief rotate to allow the cable orientation to be quickly adjusted for hanging or stand mounting

  2. Improved (optional) barndoors are stronger, and less susceptible to bending

  3. New hinge design maintains constant tension and may be easily adjusted

Redesigned Stirrup

  1. Stirrup mounting slides and can be adjusted to counterbalance all accessories

  2. Extruded aluminum is stronger, lighter and less bulky but still permits full fixture rotation

  3. Soft contour makes it comfortable to carry

  4. The stainless steel friction disc locks the lamphead securely even with the largest Chimera or other accessories

Easy Maintenance

  1. Routine maintenance and repair are easier with fast, simple access to all internal components

  2. Cleaning is made effortless with smooth lamp housing surfaces


  1. Meets IP23 standard -- suitable for indoor use or outdoor use providing a degree of protection against falling rain (up to a 60° angle from vertical)

  2. CE declaration and independently assessed TUV certification

  3. The laser cut hexagonal safety mesh maximizes light transmission and is tough enough to withstand location abuse

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Pickup and Drop off Information

Pickup and drop off hours are from 8-5pm Monday through Friday.

Pick-up and drop-off days are free, because they're intended for checking, prepping and packing up your gear. The cost of your rental is based on the number of shoot days. These are the days you'll actually be using the equipment. Pay and sign at pickup.

1 to 3 Shoot Days
If you rent for 1, 2 or 3 shoot days, you pay for the shoot days only.
Example: your shoot days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Pick-up is Monday, drop-off is Thursday. You will be charged for 2 shoot days.
Example: your shoot days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Pick-up is Monday, drop-off is Friday. You will be charged for 3 shoot days.

The full-week rule (4 to 6 shoot days)
If you rent gear for 4 to 6 days shoot days, you only pay for 3 shoot days.

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