Media Services

Seattle Video Production/ Audio Production Company

  • We've all got some old reels of film sitting around right? As cool as it is, sadly it will break down over time. Victory can now digitize 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film to various aspect ratios, from Standard Definition all the way up to 2K, so you can get the highest quality image for simply archiving or for editing with later on.

  • Analog and digital file formats. Convert cassette tapes, micro-cassette tapes, 1/4” reel to reel tape (half track and quarter track), Vinyl records (33 rpm & 45 rpm), DAT cassettes, and 8-tracks to file to CD. We use a Pro Tools system to capture audio from obsolete formats and preserve them in digital files. We can deliver as .wav or .mp3 and/or burn them to audio CD.

  • We can digitize a multitude of tape formats to file or DVD quickly and easily. Different platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and other web services all take varying codecs and compression rates. Victory uses Adobe Premiere, Encoder, and Final Cut Pro to deliver the exact specifications you need. Ask about File/Tape Encoding, Digitizing, Trans-coding, Conversion.

  • Our two audio suites have hosted feature films and video games to national advertising campaigns. Dolby® certified, the suites contain the latest Pro-Tools® and other audio software from Foley and Voice-Overs to Final Mix, it’s all here. Let us know what you need to complete your audio project.

  • The editing process is where video content really takes shape. We have several fully equipped editing suites featuring Adobe Creative Cloud. Whether you need to edit new content or re-edit old content, our editors understand the difference between being a true cutter and just a button pusher. They're fast, creative and tech smart.

  • 3D, Visual Effects, Broadcast, Print & more. We use the latest equipment and software to create powerful, memorable, images and messages. Victory has provided graphics for national sports teams, television and feature films. From a simple card to complex 3D animation, we have experienced talent ready to help.

  • Add a title menu to your DVD or Blu-Ray Project. We can make an auto-play selection on your home movie compilation or a full closed-captioned film with extensive menus on Blu-Ray. With a combination of Adobe Encoder, Encore, and our disc burning software, our authored disc services can take your project from passion project to professional quickly and easily.

  • Many video hosting platforms require closed captioning formats. Our professional captioning software can create captions in a multitude of languages, from English to Spanish, French to Chinese. Whether you have a script that you need timed to a video, or you have a full video that needs transcribing, we can help you with either.

  • If your film is being shown in a theater, whether for festival or private display, DCP is the most preferred method (digital cinema package). Using the latest DaVinci Resolve, we can create your 2k or 4k DCP either Dolby or stereo. A full QC can be done via NeoDCP software. We can also project it if you'd like to see it displayed. We will assist you in making sure all the specs for the file name are correct.

  • We have a color specialist who can help you with correction, applying proper adjustments and creating continuity to your sequences and/or grading, telling a story through tone and stylistic color choices.

  • View a file, tape, or DCP, or Film in our review suite.
    Find an old Film in your attic? Have a large movie or DCP file that you want to view before submitting it to Sundance? We have all of the systems required to view your film, file or tape and we are happy to let you use them. Popcorn? Yeah, we have that too.

  • While most video these days are stored in digital form, there are still a lot of projects and important video captured on physical tapes. Our temperature-controlled storage vault can either act as a permanent option for large collections of video and audio tapes and masters, or as a temporary option for when you have nowhere else to put things. As well as our vault, our server can be a great option for cloud storage for your projects in the long-term.