Podcast Recording Suite


Designed for convenient quality podcasting.

Rent a podcast room by the hour. Our podcast suite is set up for 4-channel audio recording with four RODE Procaster XLR microphones, SONY MDR-7506 headphones, individual microphone volumes at each station, an 8-channel mixer that can be interchanged at customer request, and a MacOS computer for recording into garage band or preferred recording software. We will work with your team to customize the room as needed in order to meet your goals.




Option A

Introductory: $25/hr (2hr minimum)
Standard rate: $50/hr

Bring your own laptop and/or recording device and set your own channels. We’ll check you in and give you access to the room, from there you’ll take the reigns and navigate your production.


Option B

Rate: $60/hr (2hr minimum)

Use our computer/recording device. We’ll get you set up & and check your audio levels then leave you to it. When your done we’ll wrap up your recording and give it to you in your desired format.
(48 hour turn around time M-F)


Option C

Rates vary, call for quote.

Have our engineer sit in with you through the entire podcast/recording to adjust audio dips and peaks as they happen. We’ll rap up your recording and clean up the audio in post as well as add intro/outro bumpers at your request.



You can find us conveniently located in the Interbay neighborhood
- with parking!

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