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Remastering Video

Remastering Video

Victory Studios has been involved in tape transfer since its inception in the 1980s. Fortunately, we still maintain a diverse and technologically capable tape operation room for transferring tape to digital formats. As a result, we often encounter remastering projects. Recently, we completed some remastering work that included up-rezzing standard definition music videos from the late 80s – the early 2000s. They were initially mastered in the 4:3, 720 x 486, NTSC format of the time. We have a conversion hardware box that can perform many wonders to the original video signal. In this case, we are sending the 7

Someone editing footage
Film Restoration in Progress

20 x 486 NTSC video signal through the box and outputting an up-converted signal at 1920 x 1080 HD to create a high definition, up-rezzed video file. The next step in the remastering process involves ingesting that video file into software to utilize its deinterlacing capabilities, as well as strong noise reduction capabilities and do any editing that may be required (frame replacement, etc.). Lastly, we sync up the newly remastered video with a brand new, remastered, WAV file to complete the process and end up with a remarkable looking, and sounding, remastered video file. This is an example of the powerful technical video work that Victory Studios can perform for you.

-Josh Mallinger

Video tech, Colorist, producer and director for Band in Seattle.  Been here since the 90s...
Josh Mallinger


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