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media services

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Working with a dvd? tape file? film? Let us know what your end goal is and we’ll help get you there. Here are some examples of media services:

Film Digitization: Film brakes down over time. Bring in your film reel and we’ll put it in digital file format or DVD so you can play it back more conveniently, and preserve the content for years to come.

Tape Transfer. Have old home movies? Your favorite VHS? We’ll transfer this to a DVD or digital file to suit your modern lifestyle.

Disc Duplication: We have equipment designed to take your single disc and make 100 of them so you can distribute accordingly.

Closed Captioning: Did you make your first movie and now you just need to add the captions? We are familiar with all cc formats and can provide the file type your distributor is asking for.

Video alterations: Post production is easy when you have the original file, but when you only have a dvd or tape, we can make the video alterations you need after the fact.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring. Add a title menu to your movie.

post production services

When the field work is over, we can help you edit your video. Examples of our editing services are listed below.

Video Editing: Cutting together the video to tell your story.

Audio: Add, change, or “sweeten” your audio for optimal sound.

Graphics: Add a train crashing into a volcano to your movie.

Color correction: Let us adjust the color of your movie to get the look and feel just right.

Viewing Room: View a file, tape, DCP file or film in our suite.