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Band in Seattle


“Band in Seattle” gives an inside look at up-and-coming bands in Seattle. The Seattle area has hundreds of bands performing in many varied venues. The process of creating music and performances in the Pacific Northwest has created great music from Jimi Hendrix all the way to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. This extraordinary environment continues to nurture new “sounds” and kinds of music. Seattle bands are appearing on national television like “Saturday Night Live,” “Letterman,” etc. “Band in Seattle” will, in each episode, explore what is behind this extraordinary process and the fun and entertaining results. Instead of waiting for them to rise to fame before we get to know them, “Band in Seattle” will let you get to know these future “stars” now and see inside the next phenomenon in rock or whatever the new music will be called. Airing weekly, this series reveals in a fun and informational way, the artistic process involved in today’s great bands, and lets the viewer find their favorites before fame puts a block between them and the performers.

Watch Band In Seattle Saturdays at 11pm on CW11. Also find out more on our website,, on Facebook, or on our Youtube Channel.
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