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Victory Studios is looking for partners on new original projects in two arenas. The first is in the for-profit area of traditional entertainment. The other is within our non-profit 501c3 Corporation, E Pluribus Unum Films, and centers on educational projects. These partnerships can take many forms from simple sponsorship to traditional investments to tax deductible contributions. The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful creative environment in which great programming can be developed. Below are the projects we are currently producing and others in development. If you are interested in partnering with us in any capacity, please contact us at (206) 282-1776

Uncover the music that moves you

Victory Studios is currently producing season 6 of the television series Band in Seattle, a fascinating look at the stories behind the up and coming bands that proliferate Seattle’s club scene. Band in Seattle is a national program that has featured everything from up-and-coming bands from the Pacific Northwest to international pioneers of the craft, such as reggae legend Clinton Fearon. Not only does the viewer get to see a concert, but also to get to know the band better through interview segments.

Victory Studios is looking for sponsors wanting to associate with the huge audience for this music. We are also looking for partners on our next project in this arena to film famous bands from the NW for a special program to get to know and hear these great pioneers that have influenced music all over the world. It’s called Band in Seattle presents: “World Class.”

Friday Nights on KONG-TV at Midnight – 1 AM.

Sunday Nights on KING-TV at 11:35 PM.

On all Alaska Airlines flights on their inflight entertainment system On, a website providing the best in music internationally

Band In Seattle

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