Film Transfer Services

Video Producer in Seattle, WA

We'll carefully transfer your Super 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to a SD, HD or 2K digital file. With the digital form you will be able to safely store, edit and show your movies. Our techs run one machine at a time so they can monitor the focus, framing and film alignment so it stays on track. After transferring, we rewind your canister for your convenience later.

Our technicians specialize in legacy transfers, processing each film one at a time.

The video below is a comparison between a mail-in film service, commonly used at super store drop offs and our in-house transfer service. No editing has been done to either final transfer.

Our experts use the right tools and process each reel individually to ensure the best quality capture. The photo on the right is an unedited screenshot of a film transfer to digital file, compared to a transfer by another popular supplier on the left.


8mm and Super 8
SD: 25¢ per foot
HD: 35¢ per foot
2K: 40¢ per foot
16 mm
SD: 30¢ per foot
HD: 40¢ per foot
2K: 45¢ per foot

Provide a USB when you drop off your media and we'll load your memories onto it for free.

DVD Creation is $26.25 per master copy.
Roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes of footage (2,000 feet of film) per disc.

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VHS to digital file: $75 per hour of run time + $40 to transfer onto DVD