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Staying Creative in Corporate Post Production

Staying Creative in Corporate Post Production: face it, corporate post-work isn't the most glamorous gig. There usually isn't much room for creativity or experimentation, which, for the video professional, can be frustrating. Not being able to grow creatively led me to seek alternative ways to develop my craft. The path forward, which may or may not be surprising to you, is to spend your creativity on increasing your efficiency. In my experience, finding ways to be more efficient can activate the creative side of your brain while you experiment with faster or more efficient ways of achieving whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. The best part is, anything you learn to increase your efficiency can also be applied to your creative passion projects, which is great because we all know how hard it is to find time for those.

-Aaron Amort, ( Video Editor / Producer )

Staying Creative in Corporate Post Production: Unleash creativity by boosting efficiency and overcoming limitations in the not-so-glamorous corporate post-work. Fuel your passion projects with newfound skills while maximizing your time.

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