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The Post Hole: It's all in the eyes

A timeline in a linear video editing software.
It's a lot more about the precision and tedium than the big fancy explosions.

When you think about visual effects, you probably imagine space ships, lasers, explosions, or aliens, but that's only part of the picture. Those are the effects that "want" to be seen, and are part of the spectacle of cinema. However, there's another kind of visual effect that strives to remain unnoticed.

Things like removing the wires that enable stunt performers to jump and fly through the air, some set extensions, and screen replacements on phones or laptops. Working in the corporate world, most of the VFX work I do is of the invisible variety.

However, as you probably guessed, I'm not doing wire removal or set extensions. Instead, I do mostly eye replacements.

Yes indeed - the most common is when an interview subject looks over at the crew for approval immediately after answering an interview question. If this goes unnoticed on set, and if it was otherwise the best take, it comes across my desk.

Don't get me wrong, eye replacements are fun to do, but they can be quite challenging because of how attuned we are to recognizing if something is "off" with somebody’s face. On the positive side, I can use this instinct to help fine tune the effect until it looks realistic.

Victory Studios prides itself in providing video production services of all kinds like visual effects. In addition we can provide audio/video production, video rental equipment, DCP creation, Digital transfers from video or film, and pretty much anything you need to tell a story on video.

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